Retail Marketing: Victoria’s Secret

Two Parsons assignments in a day?? I’m cramming. Get over it.

The next assignment is about Marketing. My favorite part about VS was doing merchandising and marketing. We were asked to do some marketing research, and then take a walk around the mall and find a display that speaks to us, and lastly: explain WHY it works.

Since I’m already pretty well versed in the VS world, I took a trip to my favorite VS store and snapped a few pictures of the best display in the store: the feast table that welcomes you in. This is a store I’ve actually had the opportunity to help out in for a floorset, so I kind of have an advantage of dissecting this marketing and merchandising because I understand whats going on behind it. Let’s take a peek:

IMG_5165Why this works:

Good marketing should match to your brands storyline and ideals. A good storyline has enough history to it to build a world around itself. Victoria’s Secret has done such an amazing job of building this world of this sexy, sophisticated, educated woman who loves drama, but is still feminine and soft. The marketing and merchandising reflects that through a color story that is relevant to the current launches and trends. This feast table works because it combines all of the things that Victoria is: Dramatic, Feminine, and Sophisticated. On another note, it’s also very easy to look at and is very organized. Only specific colors are designated to go on mannequins and on displays above the drawer bases, which makes the marketing seamless and aesthetically pleasing.


What could be improved:

The drawer bases can be distracting and hard to shop sometimes. The number one complaint we got about our marketing is that it was hard to open/close/shop the drawers. This, however, is more of a fixture issue and not a marketing issue. VS made a stretch bringing DDD sizes into the stores, which is part of the reason why the current drawer bases are so crammed, and I don’t see them investing into the stores enough to bring the 40 band bras into stores or to give more space for the current store size line. Simply put, it would cost the company millions of dollars to replace the drawer bases in every store, and it’s not that VS can’t afford that…. but more of a, “why fix something that isn’t broken” kind of a deal.


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