Social Media and All It’s Friends

As part of my Parsons x Teen Vogue curriculum, we’ve been asked to analyze our statistics and make some observations. In short, I’ve observed my statistics aren’t really a whole lot.

My social media presence is small, obviously, and of course I’d like that to grow. Instagram is my most frequented social media page, but I couldn’t seem to really understand how or even where the analytics are for individual accounts. What I do know about my Instagram stats: selfies get the most likes, and majority of my traffic comes from people I actually know in person.

My second most used site is YouTube. I’ve only recently been using YouTube for Vlogging, and I love it so far! I haven’t told a lot of people about it but I have been doing lots of work with it. So far, I’ve got 22 subscribers and 5 videos. Out of my nearly 2500 views, most come from the United States and Europe. My most popular video, almost 900 of 2000 views watched up to 95% of the video. 68% of the views come from YouTube’s “Suggested Videos” feature, which just goes to show that click bait sells. One stat that did surprise me: 73% of my viewers at the moment are male. Which is weird to me because I talk about makeup, fashion and music a lot!

I’m not even going to count Pinterest, WordPress or Tumblr since I don’t frequent them enough to really make a difference. But what I can take away from my analytics is how to really shape my social media outlets to be a perfect mixture of the things I want to talk about and document, and what things my audience is going to actually respond to. Understanding how these aspects work together will ensure that I am keeping myself entertained and happy with my feeds, but also engaging with my audience in a way that is meaningful, entertaining, or educating.

At the end of the day, understanding your analytics and what trends exist with them is a key element to building a brand for yourself through social media.


xox – b

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