Travel Vibes: Things I Never Leave for the Airport Without

I’m a pretty decent traveler, so here’s some stuff my airport-obsessed-ass can’t travel without:

Headphones/Phone charger: for obvious reasons. Either to block out the plane noise, or if you’re like me, so the person sitting next to you doesn’t try to small talk with you. If you’ve upgraded to the iPhone 7 and lost your audio jack(and thus can no longer charge whilst listening to music), never fear! A dongle for both exists! You can even get it to match the color of your phone.

Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Oil(Sephora, $72): This is one of my everyday skincare essentials. A few months ago I came across this product in a Sephora, took home a sample, and have been in love ever since. It has a very light, natural fragrance and leaves my skin feeling so soft, hydrated and normalized. It helps with anti-aging and provides protection from environmental stressors and free radicals, which is really cool when you’re traveling as a changing barometer can really wrack some havoc on your skin. For someone with combination oily skin, this is a must-have as a changing barometer can cause breakouts. Fun fact about Drunk Elephant: It kind of got it’s name from this product. It’s said when elephants eat the Marula flower, it ferments inside their stomachs and causes them to be drunk. (you can read more about it here!) How cute!

Bumble and Bumble Pret-a-Powder(Sephora, $13-$27) : Now I am probably the biggest dry shampoo junkie there is. And between all the different ones I’ve tried, I’ve come to realize: the better ones are in aerosol form. And that’s awful for traveling. I worked as a receptionist in a high end salon for a few months and discovered this little gem: a powder that is half dry shampoo, half “style extender”, full amazing. The 0.3oz bottle is about half the size of that travel size dry shampoo you’ve got, and it’ll last you at least four times as long. All you need is a few puffs in your roots. I always let it sit for a minute, then I toss my head upside down and fluff my fingers through. Not only does it save space in your suitcase, but(for me, at least…) it saves me time while I’m traveling! I usually only have to touch up a few curls on second and third day hair.

Tennis Shoes: Most of the time while you’re traveling, you’re doing a fair amount of walking. The good news? Athleisure is totally a thing right now, which means you can throw sneakers with the nicest of tops and you’ll still look on trend. Plus they’re usually pretty pliable, which will save some space in your luggage. Some of my favorites are from Vans, Toms and Nike.

Extra socks and panties: Because you can never be too sure what you’ll end up doing on vacation. More often than not, you don’t have access to a washing machine. So just bring extras. Trust me on this one.

At least one sturdy pair of jeans: When I say one, I mean pick one that will work with a handful of the tops and shoes you’ve chosen. Multitasking pieces are the key to a slick, no fuss vacation wardrobe. The Jamie Jean from Topshop is my go-to for any occasion. My favorite part about these is that they never gap and the waistband, and I can wear them usually around 6-7 times before I even start to notice any bagging in the bum.

Sunglasses: Again, for obvious reasons. Quay Australia(make no mistake, it’s pronounced “Key” Australia) makes pretty affordable, fashion forward shades. My current favorite are the Vivienne in black. If you’re ballin on a budget and can’t splurge the $60, Forever 21 and Nordstrom BP always have from fun frames for under $15.

A Flattering Liquid Lip: One of the biggest struggles I have is how much makeup I bring with me on vacation. I’ve pretty much gotten it down to a solid few items that let me do multiple styles(again, the key is finding your multitaskers!!), and one of the go-to items I ALWAYS have on me is Huda Beauty’s Liquid Matte Lipstick. Muse is my absolute favorite color, but they have enough shades that there’s a shade for every skin tone and complexion. I love the formula because it dries up enough where it doesn’t smudge, yet stays creamy enough that it doesn’t look cakey. And it smells hella dope. Can’t go wrong with that!! Protip: a little highlighter on your cupids bow will make this lip work with a dewier skin day.

Tarte Tinted Treatment 12-Hour Primer(Sephora, $36): This one is an awesome multitasker as well, because it is a tinted moisturizer, primer and SPF in one. It’s very buildable if you’re looking for more of a full coverage, or you can dilute it with a beauty blender or beauty oil. Honestly, this is more of a foundation to me than a primer. And even though it’s a matte finish, a few dabs of highlighter along your cheekbones, nose and cupids bow make a perfectly dewy look.

A leather jacket: Because it’s classic, and looks good with jeans and a t shirt or a dress and heels. My go-to is a faux leather moto-style that I found at American Eagle literally AGES ago, but you can always find them at Nordstrom or Forever 21. When I’m looking for leather jackets I usually opt for something slightly cropped, and with a little extra room in case I want to layer. This one from Topshop is pretty sweet, and pretty affordable for a staple item.

Obviously, you’re a pro now. Maybe. Sorta. Do you have any cool trips planned? Tell me about them in the comments!!

xox, b

Sin City: Las Vegas

Ya girl is finally 21!!! 

So naturally, a trip to Vegas was in line. Between shows, sight-seeing and rooftop bars, it was an absolutely action packed week. We walked a total of 26 miles, drove almost 400 miles, stayed in two different hotels and saw deserts that absolutely put Washington’s central “deserts” to shame. There’s a lot more to Vegas than just gambling and drinking your weight in cocktails. Maybe it was the change of scenery, or the three Raspberry Paloma’s I downed at the House of Blues, but I cannot wait to get back down to Vegas.

Processed with VSCO with c2 preset
The view from the Skyfall Lounge in the Delano Hotel

Let’s start with shows. There are literally so many shows in Vegas at any given time, you have no excuse to be bored. They have everything. Music, comedy, cabaret, cirque du soleil… you name it, they’ve got it. And if you want something free, take a trip to Fremont Street at night. You’re bound to see something to tickle your fancy, or just make you really confused. It’s great fun. I got to see my favorite band for the third time, and for the first time in their hometown. Brendon Urie still ceases to amaze me, even after 12 years of loving Panic at the Disco. We also managed to get tickets to Britney Spears’ Piece of Me residency at Planet Hollywood. She was amazing! 8-year-old me died at least 13 times in the two hours she was parading across stage in glittery lingerie.

Most people visit Vegas and just stick to the strip, and while there is much more to do there than a few days will warrant, you’re really missing out on the beauty of Nevada as a state if you don’t venture out a bit. We managed to visit three different state parks and the Hoover Dam while we were there. Next time I’m there, I’m planning on some hiking in the Valley of Fire. The pictures speak for themselves:

Also, just an added protip: let your parents take you to Vegas. They’ll buy your drinks and give you money to gamble!

As for now, it’s back to the daily grind. I’m planning on some really fun posts for this blog soon! Of course I post more on my instagram and snapchat(bridgey_boo), so if ya wanna see more, you’ll find it there!!

xox, b.

California Luv

Yes, it was absolutely necessary to start this post, which will be about my time in California this past weekend, with a cheesy and inherently overplayed song lyric. I know. I’ll show myself to the door. But first, let’s talk about California.

Los Angeles. The city of Angels. Where sports fanatics and fashion fiends meet. Where beach bums and mountaineers collide. Foodies and winos rejoice. Where your dreams can be realized overnight. Where you can walk down the street and pretty much 9/10 times be offered a free mixtape for money. The logic is there if you don’t think about it, I promise. I just got back from visiting one of my dearest friends in California, and let me tell you: California and it’s people run to the beat of their own drum. I think there’s a lot we can learn from that.

The initial idea behind this blog was to one, document my life as I experience it(be it via travel, little things here and there, career goals, etc.), and two, so I can have a platform to speak my mind and get my thoughts out. I consider myself to be a pretty intelligent girl in most aspects of life, I’m sure there’s someone out there who will pay attention to the bullshit I keep spewing out to the www every few months. But anyway, let me get to the point here.

2016 drug me through so much bullshit. Honestly I’m so proud of myself for coming through it as strong willed and courageous as I did. One of the biggest lessons I learned was about friendship, and when it’s time to let go of it. Let’s explore.

You need the friends who will batter you down and treat you like shit. You need them so you can learn the value of your own self worth, and once you’ve realized that… Girl. You. are. INVINCIBLE. Literally invincible. One of my favorite movie quotes comes from the classic “The Princess Diaries”, Joe tells Mia that “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” And my god it is SO true.(I’m also aware this was originally said by Eleanor Roosevelt, so that’s kinda cool.) This is the first lesson I learned. When I feel myself getting down about a person or a situation, I try to remind myself that I might also be causing a piece of the feels. Check your own hands before you try to clean someone else’s.

Those people who treat you with such carelessness will push you right in the direction of the people who will build you up and make you who you are. Hold on to those ones. I feel very thankful to now be spending 2017 with incredible friends who blow my freaking mind everyday with their beauty. Find yourself friends who inspire you, who make you want to push yourself, who treat you how they want to be treated(aka well… because who doesn’t want to be treated well????). Once you find those friends, baby you will GLOW. RADIATE. Brighter than the damn sun.

California really lets me let that side of myself out. It might be something about it being new territory to me, and that I only know a small handful of people, all of which are so kind, generous and supporting… it would be hard to not feel my best, truthfully. I just feel so free. I feel like anything is possible. That atmosphere of possibility is something I am so eager to hold onto for this entire year. Let’s make some shit happen.

And now for the fashion aspect of this post: here, some pictures taken by my main girl Katie on this neat little street called Palm Drive. I’m telling you, California is magic. Actual magic. Here I’m wearing a Free People sweater, a Victoria’s Secret bralette, and Quay Australia “Lickety Split” shades. #neato

xox -b


Life vibes…

It’s kind of funny how life takes you in so many different directions. One second, you think it’s smooth sailing and then the next you’re knocked backwards from an unexpected wind. I’m beginning to realize these circumstances can be awful and really suck, but when it all comes down to it, it builds character. And that wind that knocked you down? It usually pushes you in the direction of a destination that’s better for you than what you have marked down on that little old map of yours.

In the past six months, I’ve lost more friends than I’ve gained. I’ve dropped out of school because I lost passion, and I’ve begun different schooling to help rebuild that fire. Work has drug me through more than my fair share of stress. I’ve had my heart stomped on because distance sucks. All of this has taught me so much, but mostly it’s taught me how to be genuine. How to know who I am at the very core and let that show through in my friendships, relationships, and my work. It’s taught me what it means to be unapologetically myself.

I guess this is just a little post to remind myself, and each and every one of you(ahem, the four of you who happen to stumble across this post due to clever tags), that life is unfair. But my god, if it were fair, where would all of our drive and ambition go?

My new goal for the end of this year is to just do what feels right to me. I’m notorious for second guessing myself. Honestly. I’m probably the closest thing this world has to a Queen of Indecision. Telling myself to let things go and have the wind guide me is so terrifying to me. But alas, new jobs and new experiences await. Afterall, you never learn if you stay inside of your comfort zone.

xox – b

Fashion Strikes Back!

Again, I’ve left this blog a wasteland after promising content. I guess it’s a good thing my only follower is a coworker(Thanks Lia, you da man!).

But I’m here to talk about a little something exciting in my life. I’ve done a lot of soul searching over the past couple months, and I’ve reconnected with my love for photography and fashion. And I mean, those two together are kind of a winning ticket for some sort of career, or at least a hobby where I can make some extra cash. I have a lot of personal aspirations that revolve around these two professions, and until recently I always kind of looked at it all as a pipe dream. I don’t think so anymore. As a woman, I know I am capable of whatever the hell I set my mind to. Why should I let the world tell me “no”, when I can tell myself “yes”?

I’m not the best student. I never have been. Recently I found a program offered by Parsons, which is one of the top fashion and design schools in the world, and Teen Vogue. It’s non-credit, which kind of sucks, but holy hell, the information! This is a certification program. I’m one course into it and I can’t even begin to explain how excited I am to be apart of it. Social media can be a tricky game to play, and up until recently I’ve always dreamt of being that “it” girl on Instagram and having 100 people like my post in the first 10 minutes, but I honestly never really knew how to get into it. Since fashion and photography are careers that are almost entirely based off of networking, a stellar presentation on social media is absolutely vital to your career. It’s not just about likes, folks. Content is just as, if not more, important to your success. You have to build a brand around yourself. You have to sell something to y0ur audience; a lifestyle, a feeling, something that leaves them satisfied, yet craving more of you. Anyway, my point here is, this certification is kind of job training in a way. I’m learning in a way that makes sense and feels right for me. And I am loving it.

In conclusion, I guess this is me reintroducing myself. My PNW Roots blended with my expensive taste and love for all things shiny. This is going to become my new haven, where I can discuss life, style, food and all of the things in between. I am Bridgette. My thighs are thick. My coffee is strong. I love traveling, dogs, and leggings. I’m hoping I’m here for good this time!

Here, take a peek at my first assignment. A look inspired from this pinterest board that I threw together. I’m wearing a Free People jacket, Topshop denim, and Jeffery Campbell shoes. (ps, I think my mom is getting the hang of this photography thing. Go you, mom!) This look was inspired by silk, leather and denim textures. I feel like it’s perfect for the transition from Summer to Fall. Don’t worry, after mom and I treated ourselves to some “premature” Pumpkin Spice Latte love. So excited for what this season has to bring!

xox – b

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So after an unplanned hiatus, where I left this blog practically abandoned for four months after only two sub-par posts… *cue Slim Shady beat* … guess who’s back? Back again?

I’m back and totally excited to give this whole blogging thing a go again!

I think one of the reasons I struggle so much with blogging is that I’m so constantly apprehensive with the idea of how people will perceive what I write. This is largely because, growing up, I was always overly conscience of my body, what I said, what I wore …. the list goes on. So much so, I let the idea of fitting into such a small box in order to please society get in the way 0f pursuing my dreams and ambitions. Is this relevant? Are my thoughts with just? Do I just sound like a blubbering idiot?

Let me tell you something. As a 20 year old, I have learned more lessons that I’ve bargained for on self love, personal space, and being yourself. And I think the most important thing that you need to understand about loving yourself is that it is a completely radical thing to do. Who would’ve thought? Something so simple as giving yourself the time of day to admit to yourself that “hey, you’re human, and you are worth it” would be something people get upset about. But the truth is, we all have our own insecurities. And no matter how much you shave the corners and refine the grit, there is always something that is going to make us say, “yeah but this could be better”. This also applies with jobs, and even relationships sometimes. I know I’m not the only one to speak to the idea of loving yourself and being radical, and that’s because the world is starting to catch on to these things.

Remember a few years back when Beyonce went totally rouge and dropped an entire album without anyone knowing? Yeah. And then Kim K. had the audacity to say she “broke the internet” with her Paper Mag cover. (To each their own on this one, I just feel like Beybey’s album had more effect on me.) ANYWAY, if you haven’t before, go take a listen to “***Flawless”. Pay special attention to the sample from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s TED Talk. Or better yet, listen to the actual TED Talk. Her words are so powerful and to be completely honest, these are the kind of leaders I want to see influencing my children and their children, and so on. These are things we should be plastering on the walls and screaming from the top of our lungs. It’s things like this that are helping 20-year-old me completely shatter 15-year-old me’s insecurities. It’s things like this that make me feel confident in the idea that I don’t have to live my life in a conventional way.

This week, let’s talk about loving ourselves. Let’s begin to shatter these norms. Let’s love ourselves for who we are.  

xox -b 

Introducing Yourself to a Stranger

In life, we do a lot of things. We’ll laugh, cry, cry until we laugh, laugh until we cry. We’ll work too hard at a job we don’t even like, drink too much or not enough, and maybe, if we’re lucky, even fall in love.

I think we’re here for more than just waking up every day just to do the same old thing. We need to break apart from the status quo, and build a future of innovative thinkers, risk takers and adventurers. So, I guess, this is me. I’m here, and this post feels a lot like walking up to a complete stranger, extending my hand, and saying “I’m not sure why I’m here, but it feels right.” We’re just winging it, I guess.

I’m Bridgette. I love fashion, food, travel, and my mom. I was born and raised in the PNW and I can’t wait to get out and see the world. I’m a self proclaimed “wannabe” photographer and I know a few diddles on the guitar.

This is my documentation of life as I know it. Let’s have some fun.

xox -b